thanks mr. k*le dr*ke for f*cking me in my ***

oh and also for making my friends lose followers dkjanwdkjnwadfkagod

this is a joak but also please work on this godamn site the structure needs HELP

2cool4fp = too cool for the front page


this was made by
on 6/27/19 around 12:00am (CT) when the great neocities crash of 2019 happened
this crash has basically removed a ton of followers from people system wise, but not their follower counts
this means a ton of people have been booted from the frontpages of neocities, and this is actually quite terrible
there's lots of people trying to promote their stuff through neocities, and this crash has basically wiped their hardwork off the frontpage

i made this as a appreciation site for great neocities users!!

if youd like to be featured, use this google form!
the only rule is: you can't be on the frontpage!


(not removed 4 bad reasons. if ppl on here do bad shit i remove them w out promo)


clownbonk - - profile
a site for clown lovers! honk honk :o)

monnie - - profile
take a trip:)


aquamiki - - profile
focuses on otome games and is just a cute site to look at!

nostalgic - - profile
has a collection of internet goodies! also has a great site layout to boot :D


medulla - - profile
personal site with pages on fashion, games, music, and anything else !! lots of shiny things 2 look at !!


angel99 - - profile
does an assortment of 3d and digital art! the website layout is sooo cute

calei2copi0 - - profile
cute, and has multiple pages discussing many different topics, and keeps things really fresh!

cubertown - - profile
take a step into roy's shop :) you'll flip!

devils - - profile
omg what can i even say....devils' art is fantastic and the site is just fun to play around with!

theenderdraco - - profile
art, fun things, pages dedicated to random obscure media, we've got it all!

machine-cat - - profile
Just some artist on the internet

just plain cool

dann - - profile
god this website is cool and the person who runs it is even cooler!

empeethree - - profile
heavy ytmnd influences and has a plethora of fun pages!

l33cheasy - profile
YeR OnE StOp FiVe-FiNgEr-FrEeWaRe ShOp

personal sites

ben's world - - profile
ben's world (aka cepheus) is a personal site filled with writing & cool nostalgic goodies!

billsworld - - profile
oh wow this is such a throwback! has many pages and links. also known for jaup :D

dori4n - - profile
Just my place

lord-nikon - - profile
Personal site for a middleaged webdweller.

madville - - profile
super cool, packed full of fun gifs and inchersting links :D

mothcore - - profile
some stuff ju likes (mostly torchwood)

nenko - profile
personal blog

personally-comfy - profile
The second best place to play flash tetris!

rxqueen - - profile
a mess of nostalgia, shrines, ramblings, music and more!

sleepy-sage - - profile
personal site of sage, who enjoys horror, jfashion, & all things kawaii

thoughtcrimes - - profile
lots of pages to look at, and great web design overall :)

yupthatsme - profile
My simple little world, made with love

wac - - profile
throwback to le old days :) webmaster likes cats

zappi - profile
Personal site, resources / information on the Victorian Certificate of Education and instant photography!


htmlsites2 - - profile
HTML Sites 2 allows you to create a fully functional website for free!
HTML Sites 2 features both a simple website builder and an advanced website builder.

lambdafun - - profile